UBER Technologies
Engaging Illinois’ diverse communities to champion game-changing legislation

A new, emerging technology facing outdated and bureaucratic regulations was confronted by an aggressive opposition seeking to ban rideshare services, taking its fight to Springfield.

Strategy and Tactics:
Resolute had successfully partnered with UBER to secure a new ridesharing ordinance in Chicago. The disgruntled cab industry took its fight to Springfield and in the Spring 2014 secured passage of veto-proof legislation imposing a very rigid regulatory scheme that would effectively undermine the growth of ride share services. UBER engaged Resolute to activate a statewide effort to prevent the governor from signing the legislation into law.

  • Resolute worked with UBER to identify and assess the critical third-party groups and individuals, including local institutions, community groups, business groups, users’ groups, key commercial and individual accounts, drivers, and funders. Our 40-organization strong team reached out to more than 100 state legislators and Chicago alderman.
  • The foundation of support we built for UBER in Chicago allowed us to connect with other officials and organizations throughout the state, and in turn, allowed us to communicate these third parties’ support to state lawmakers. Through this network, we held numerous recruitment events neighborhoods across Chicagoland, including Englewood, Little Village, South Holland and Edison Park and promoted these events in local media.
  • We waged an aggressive media relations effort, publicizing complaints against cab drivers by ward and while promoting UBERs commitment to access, diversity and job opportunity.

In the Fall 2014, the governor vetoed the anti-ride sharing bill and statewide legislators ultimately passed ride sharing legislation that established a statewide standard for all Illinois communities. UBER adopted the Illinois approach and used it as its model across the country.


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