Invest in PHX
Mobilizing a diverse, non-partisan coalition to defeat well-funded, out-of-state anti-transit foes for the second time in one year.

The same anti-transit groups that tried and failed to convince the Phoenix City Council in September 2018 to kill the voter- approved light rail extension returned early in 2019 with a more aggressive effort to stop light rail in Phoenix forever, this time at the ballot box.

The well-funded, highly organized out-of-state group (Arizona Free Enterprise Club/Koch network) got the light rail question on the ballot along with another progress-killing proposition. Both ballot propositions were designed to undermine progress in Phoenix including halting the $1 billion light rail project in South Phoenix, and all future light rail projects, forever. The second ballot initiative would slash funding for essential services like libraries, parks and educational programming. It would also scrap the current pension payment plan.

Strategy and Tactics:

  • Resolute created a high stakes public affairs campaign to address both issues, politically and electorally
  • We built a disciplined, research-based campaign that deployed advanced predictive modeling, tested field strategies and personalized digital, social and mail messaging
  • We targeted opponents with new messaging, polled and tested, that focused on the indirect benefits of the plan, reduction of traffic congestion quality of life – benefits that made their lives easier, a sharp and effective pivot from previous campaign’s focus on traditional economic benefit arguments
  • We engaged with voters from all areas of the city, transcending partisan politics and creating a city-wide coalition of business leaders and labor, neighborhood groups and elected officials, non- profit organizations and industry leaders.
  • Our aggressive media relations focused on the out-of-state dark money support of the opposition generating unprescedentd high-profile local and national coverage
  • Resolute served as campaign manager, overseeing campaign strategy and messaging and supervising all consultants.

For the second time in less than a year, Resolute faced off against the highly orchestrated, out-of-state effort to kill light rail. And won overwhelmingly. Phoenix voters soundly defeated both contentious ballot propositions. The Invest in PHX campaign demonstrated that these well-funded, well-organized transit- killing efforts can be stopped.


  • Campaign Management
  • Research
  • Message Development
  • Coalition Building
  • Community Engagement
  • Media Relations