INCIDENT RESPONSE ADVISORY – Regional Airport/Critical Transportation Infrastructure


Resolute was engaged by a regional airport after the entity had been informed by a federal agency of numerous attempts by a sophisticated outside actor(s) to breach one if its online systems. The airport, which is considered critical transportation infrastructure, was faced with credible information regarding breach attempts by an individual(s) who are known to have infiltrated other airport networks across the country.

Strategy and Tactics: 

Resolute immediately assigned an Incident Response Officer to advise the airport’s leadership in the complex decision-making process necessary to first assess the identified vulnerabilities and then develop an actionable plan to mitigate the identified threat and possible breach.

Resolute’s Incident Response Officer developed and implemented a structure necessary to assist the airport’s leadership in managing the entire process, allowing for quick decisions to be executed, based upon a foundation of facts. A critical component of the structure was the development of a response team consisting of the multiple departments of the airport authority, including executive leadership, IT, legal, communications and third-party vendors.


The strategic direction provided by Resolute resulted in a clear assessment of the identified vulnerabilities and solutions moving forward to ensure the system was secure and operating as designed. The assessment process also identified areas for improvement in the airport’s incident response plan to further secure the airport’s networks and critical systems.


  • Real-time Incident Response Counsel


Partner & Chief Operating Officer