Letter to the Editor: Lurie cyberattack is a wake-up call for all businesses

Crisis communications expert Dave Smolensky shared his insight with Crain’s Chicago Business as a reminder to businesses after the cyberattack on Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago: “It is imperative for businesses to proactively address this threat landscape by establishing and regularly updating a robust incident response plan, or IRP.”

“The Lurie cyberattack serves as a wake-up call for all organizations, regardless of sector. Cybersecurity threats are pervasive and the need for a comprehensive incident response plan is non-negotiable. By prioritizing preparedness, organizations can position themselves not only to withstand cyber threats, but also to recover swiftly and resume normal operations.

It is time for businesses to recognize a proactive stance against cyber threats is an investment in their long-term resilience.”

Read the full letter in Crain’s.