POLITICO Quotes EVP Ami Copeland on Senator Warren’s Fundraising Strategy

When POLITICO wrote an analysis of Presidential Candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s decision to block big donors from having access to her presidential campaign, they reached out to a number of national political fundraising experts including Resolute’s Ami Copeland.

Copeland, the former deputy finance director to President Barack Obama spoke to POLITICO reporter Natasha Korecki about when Obama announced his own restrictions during his 2008 run.

“It was the first time anyone had done that before. Everyone freaked out about it. There was a lot of uncertainty around how that would play out,” said Ami Copeland, a former deputy finance director to Obama. “It was much more of a potent issue to utilize on the trail as opposed to hurting us.”

Copeland drew parallels and contrasts between Obama’s and Warren’s fund-raising tactics to reach small and high-dollar donors.

“Operationally it’s going to be a really big challenge for them. It’s hard to put together a budget based on an unknown intake,” Copeland said. “It’s not just her losing a class of donors, she’s also pushing them to other operations and other campaigns. That in the long-term will be an issue.”

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