Republic Services

The focus on essential workers has rightfully been on those brave medical care professionals. But we can’t forget an overlooked group of champions: our waste collection workers often working around the clock to keep our streets, curbs and alleys clean of waste during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Republic Services recognized the critical role played by these unsung heroes and launched Committed to Serve,  a $20 million nationwide initiative recognizing their frontline employees serving customers every day.

Every Friday since mid-March, Republic has instituted “Family Meal Day” for all front-line waste collection personnel, providing weekend meals for workers and their families of up to four people. Republic has also provided $100 gift cards encouraging their employees to spend at local businesses that have been hard-hit by the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Each and every day, we’ve seen first-hand the impact the outbreak has had on all the communities we service, and we launched the Committed to Serve program to help during these difficult times,” said Cal Boonstra, General Manager for Republic Services. “Our goal is to help our Republic employees while supporting economy at the local level to benefit those small businesses impacted by the outbreak.”

The innovative program implemented a family meal program sustaining these frontline workers and their families while supporting local businesses and communities during this difficult period.  To help the communities in which Republic serves, all meals have been purchased from local small businesses to support Republic’s customers and help them get through these difficult times.

Among others, Republic has worked with the following local businesses during the program: Ann Sather’s, Buona Beef, Connie’s Pizza, Freddie’s, Giordano’s, Honky Tonk BBQ, Park Packing, Strack & Van TIL, Taqueria Los Comales