Resolute is sought after for our acute, forward-looking analysis of economic trends and constantly changing political forces shaping the future of the industry. We have partnered with several of the largest, most prestigious health care systems in the nation, national healthcare insurance providers, medical device manufacturers, medical technology companies and community-based organizations to advise them on critical business, regulatory, and risk management issues.

Healthcare leaders come to us for our strategic insights and proven ability to develop high-impact government affairs strategies, media relations and communications programs including strategic positioning and brand awareness, crisis communications for cyber threats and reputation management to protect their brand and their ability to succeed in a competitive environment.

We support organizations by building relationships with legislative stakeholders, addressing urgent policy issues, protecting nonprofit hospitals’ tax-exempt status, reducing regulatory burden, managing employee relations issues, advising on mergers and acquisitions, addressing affordable care issues, expanding access to care through technology and telehealth and planning and mitigating data security and privacy issues.