Acceleration in global market expansion faces geopolitical risk. Startups looking to create game-changing disruption encounter unforeseen regulatory issues. Clients from well-established multinationals, Fortune 500 companies and startups turn to Resolute to help navigate the issues and opportunities of commercial growth in turbulent times.

Resolute’s elite team works with clients as they enter new markets or plan for expansion here and abroad, consider growth in the face of state and federal legislative and regulatory actions (CFIUS, US Export Controls, industry-specific regulations), aim to raise their profile in a competitive marketplace or face risk mitigation and data security crisis issues.

Resolute provides high-level strategic advisory to organizational leadership on pressing issues from antitrust to new legislation, designs strategic public affairs and aggressive grassroots campaigns to shape the policy debate on issues that impact growth, manages high-profile media efforts to build awareness and strengthen understanding of a project’s community benefits and develops holistic, multilayered approaches to managing risk.