Cate is a talented project manager, researcher and communicator. As an Account Executive, she supports Resolute clients’ communications plans to build brand awareness, engage with key stakeholders and achieve policy goals.

Recently, Cate provided support on a targeted media campaign for an international embassy, successfully evaluating global stories to generate positive media opportunities for the client.

Cate has played a key role in analyzing information about Chicago’s political ecosystem, most recently during the 2023 municipal election. She compiled original data to create an original 200+ page report on Chicago’s fifty wards.

With strong written and verbal communication skills, Cate leads content creation for Resolute’s digital media channels as part of our marketing team. She was recognized as Resolute’s Employee of the Year in 2022 for her outstanding commitment and detail-oriented data analysis skills.

Prior to Resolute, Cate worked as a Public Policy Intern for the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness, where she fostered relationship building between elected state officials and service agencies, coordinated marketing plans, and created and distributed educational materials supporting voting rights.

Cate also interned with Midstory working to produce long-form research articles and multimedia projects about education, art, culture and history in the Midwest.

Cate holds bachelor’s degrees in social relations and policy and Spanish from Michigan State University.


  • ACT: The App Association
  • ASML