Carvana, an innovative pioneer of online used car sales, engaged Resolute Public Affairs to implement a comprehensive strategic operations approach complementing its effort to secure legislation permitting home vehicle delivery sales via the Illinois General Assembly.

Home delivery sales are a critical feature to modern life, given increasing numbers of families are unable to dedicate ample time to shop for vehicles during evening and weekend sales periods. Home delivery convenience is also critical to those with equity and mobility concerns, as well as individuals that reside in traditional car dealership deserts.

The company had been the subject of significant regulatory scrutiny during the pandemic, resulting in the suspension of their operations on two occasions in 2022. This scrutiny was the result of antiquated legislation governing car sales, as well as narrow bureaucratic interpretations of these outdated state statutes by certain law enforcement bodies and the Illinois Secretary of State. Similar conflicts had emerged in other states, and these actions have typically been resolved through direct engagement with oversight entities as well as some efforts to implement beneficial policy changes to modernize these antiquated statutes.

Resolute was engaged to develop and execute a broad public relations and awareness campaign that would reframe the narrative to highlight Carvana’s innovative business model, proactively communicating the benefits Carvana has provided Illinoisians as they purchased used cars.

Resolute was also engaged to foster a supportive environment assisting Carvana’s government affairs team while they pursued legislative action via the General Assembly to modernize Illinois state law to reflect current consumer preferences.


Resolute secured multiple news clips with reporters in major population centers in Illinois, including the Chicago market as well as downstate outlets in Peoria and Decatur. These earned media engagements helped to further amplify the merits of the legislation via local earned television outlets, broadening the importance of the legislation to audiences throughout Illinois, including critical members of the Illinois General Assembly.

Resolute also developed a broad stakeholder outreach effort, targeting local and regional chambers of commerce, access and equity organizations and mission driven institutions to enlist in the coalition.

The legislation passed the Illinois State Senate in March 2023 by a unanimous 57-0 roll call and passed the Illinois House of Representatives in April by a unanimous 113-0 roll call.


  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Community outreach
  • Coalition building
  • Earned media communications


  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Earned Media
  • Communications
  • Issue Advocacy
  • Government Affairs


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