Resolute CEO Greg Goldner on How Public Universities Can Navigate this Political Moment

Public and land-grant universities—subject to the oversight and regulation of state and federal lawmakers—have been recently thrust into the center of contentious social and cultural debates about the responsibilities of educators, the subject matter taught in classrooms, the limits on freedom of speech and other fundamental rights, and the very future of public education in a hyper partisan world. With their public funding and operations at stake, how can university communications and government relations professionals work together with university leadership to manage these challenging dynamics? And how might the outcomes of the fall elections change how universities talk about their priorities at the state house and in Washington?

On July 25, Resolute Founder and CEO Greg Goldner weighed in to offer his strategic insights, analysis, and predictions on how public universities can navigate this polarizing and uncertain moment as part of a panel on “Preparing for and Navigating the Current Political Reality” during the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities’ 2022 Council on Strategic Communications Summer Meeting.