Resolute in Action


Discovery, Inc. Since August 2021, Resolute has been privileged to serve Discovery Inc. on three high-impact national issue campaigns to secure the company’s licenses to operate two of its television channels in Poland, TVN24 and TVN7, and to defeat legislation that would have forced a 51% divestiture of investment. Resolute worked with Discovery on outreach campaigns to engage the Polish American disaspora and generate support from American and Polish stakeholders to protect free and independent media in Poland.

And now, Resolute is honored to help highlight Discovery TVN Group’s efforts to provide essential humanitarian aid to families caught in the Ukraine conflict. Through its Discovery RISE initiative (Reducing Inequality and Supporting Empowerment), in partnership with Save the Children and another partnership with Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH), the company is raising relief funding for Ukrainian children and families who are in grave danger of physical harm, severe emotional distress, and mass displacement. Save the Children and PAH are on the ground in Ukraine, Poland, and Romania. Donations can help provide children and families with immediate aid, such as food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance. Please visit to learn more and contribute.